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Our Mission
The mission of Independent Private Hospitals of Australia is to improve the physical emotional and spiritual well being of people through the provision of superior quality health care, health service and health promotion by the encouragement and maintenance of independent private professional practice.

IPHoA Core Values and Beliefs

  1. We are committed to continuous improvement in everything that we do.
  2. We are committed to operating with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, safety and cleanliness.
  3. Good health is priceless and is our first priority as nothing of importance can be achieved without it. We will set an example for a healthy life-style.
  4. We will treat all people as guests in our hospital. We will treat them as we would treat our friends, our relatives and as we would want to be treated ourselves.
  5. We are responsible to our patients, to all of the people working with us, to our clinical and other professions and to the society we serve. We are committed to the highest possible standards in our relationships with all segments of society whether they be patients, suppliers, governments or the general public.
  6. We will be a learning hospital where all people will be encouraged to reach their full potential.
  7. We believe in the vital role of private medicine in health care.
  8. Profit, like breathing, is indispensable and essential for us to achieve our higher purpose. We are committed to strict financial control based on uncompromising honesty so that we will be able to achieve our higher purpose.

Our Quality Mission
To challenge the beliefs and behaviours of senior and middle management in the development of quality organisational performance through the application and support of passion and purpose hospital wide.

Our Quality Objectives

  • To bring enthusiasm and excitement to the workplace.
  • To address innovative approaches to work, change mindsets and build passion into the way in which work is done.
  • To develop and strengthen links between the private and public sector agencies.

Our Quality Philosophy
IPHoA management philosophy that seeks continuous improvement in the quality of all the processes, products and services of an organisation. It emphasises the reaction to process variance, stakeholder process ownership, the importance of measurement, the role of the customer and the involvement of employees at all levels in an organisation in pursuit of such improvements.

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