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Day Case

Pain management - Longueville Private Hospital provided timely and effective intervention to patients with pain conditions. The intervention can be used to promote and aid self management and reduce reliance on the health care system,  assist with the modification of pain perception and pain response, ascertain appropriateness of medication and complimentary therapies to improve daily functional performance and quality of life.

Gerontology Services - The treating gerontologists work within a multidisciplinary team in coordinating health and social services that primarily treat the clinical problems of late life, and is also an area of expanding professional activity by specialist doctors at Longueville.

    Cancer and acute chronic care - We provide an environment that empowers patients to complement their medical treatments by integrating self-help strategies and complementary therapies appropriate for wellbeing and healing in their cancer and acute chronic care journey. Staged care includes acute clinical treatment as provided by the multi-disciplinary team  and  primary medical disciplines both internal and external to the hospital. The advantage of the team approach is that it combines the unique skill sets of several different disciplines into one coordinated consulting group.

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