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Day Case

Your doctor will arrange the hospital booking and inform you of the admission time and date. Please ensure you are at the hospital at the time nominated by your doctor. Your doctor will complete a referral letter with your medical history and you should bring this with you or ask the doctor to send or fax it to the hospital.

Where appropriate a member of our nursing staff will visit you at home prior to admission and make any arrangements necessary to assist with the transition to hospital and ensure your needs are met. On admission we will confirm details, answer any questions you may have and explain our billing procedure. You will be  shown to your room and introduced to the nursing staff who will describe the facilities and services of the hospital. The team involved in your care may include the social worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and other support staff.

    Your Account
Prior to your discharge the arrangements for your account will be finalised. We will organise to claim the appropriate payment from your health fund. Any other costs not covered by your fund are payable on the day you leave. If you have no private health cover, or are being treated as a ‘Third Party’ patient, your account with the hospital must be settled, in full upon discharge. Accounts may be paid by cheque, cash, credit card (Bankcard, MasterCard, Visa or American Express) or via EFTPOS facility.

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