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Day Case

Longueville Private Hospital prides itself on its qualified and experienced professional staff. Your care and comfort is of paramount importance to our team at all times, so please inform a staff member if you require anything.

You can expect  our health care professionals to:

  1. Actively involve patients in their own health care.
  2. Set aside time allow patients to talk about any concerns that they may have.
  3. Provide information for patients in a language and format that is easy to understand.
  4. Take a complete medication history which includes over-the-counter and complementary
    medicines and treatments.
  5. Provide oral and written information about medicines in plain language.
  6. Make sure that patients get the results of their tests and investigations.
  7. Set out all possible treatment options for patients to consider.
  8. Provide patients with complete information if they are to have a procedure.
  9. Discuss discharge planning if patients need to go to hospital. Start planning as early as practical – if possible, before the time of the hospital admission.

    The privacy and freedom of choice of all patients is respected at all times and they will be kept well informed of your treatment plans and progress. Our staff will provide patients with quality care.

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